Workshop for making Lampshade

Lampshade making (shomeijyuku) - with “washi” & brass in Sendai

Come and JOIN for a couple of hours of colourful exploration through the basic techniques of soldering brass and enjoy the warmth & beauty of Japanese paper “Washi”*

Try and have a unique experience and a gift to your room!

*Class information*

Class Level: All levels 

Age Requirements: 3 and older

Class Size: 1 and more

What you’ll learn in this lampshade making class: 

Learn how to manipulate soldering copper and brass to make a frame of a lampshade. you can also learn the way of treating Japanese paper “washi” as well as enjoy gaining knowledge of all the materials and lamps!

Who’s teaching?: Shihoko Nukamori, see profile at the bottom!


North of Japan, Sendai is the most populated city in Tohoku area.


¥3,000 for 1 lesson/ about 1-2 hours

Materials fee depends on items, between ¥600 and ¥4,500

*Washi – The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) decided to include traditional Japanese handmade paper (“Washi”) to its list of intangible cultural heritage items in November, 2014.

A UNESCO representative said: “Handmade ‘washi’ paper has not only helped promote the continued cultivation of mulberry trees throughout Japan, but it has also ensured the longevity of traditional artistic techniques and cultural knowledge, allowing for an inter-connectivity between regional communities for generations.”

The varieties of “washi” paper admitted to the list were Sekishuban paper from Shimane Prefecture, Honmino paper from Gifu Prefecture and Hokosawa paper from Saitama Prefecture. -Quotation from JapanToday-

Hello I’m Shihoko, 

I have started making lampshades because of an unforgettable song I listened in my early 20s,  "Longing for a star which turns darkness into light",  perhaps making it for me is to make sure I'm on a right track, I think.

My experiment with paper has begun while I was studying Fine art at Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, in the U.K. and my curiosity toward paper has been growing and continuing making objects and drawings on and with Japanese paper. 

I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you'll  be discovering a joy of making it :)

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